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How to Choose a Good Painting Contractor Many homeowners do not know how to appraise the skills of painting contractors. Most will opt for the one which gives them the most economical quote not realizing that they are going to get poor quality services. The fact is a cheap contractor costs money in the future. The price of the materials and labor is already high that the painting contractors get a slim profit margin. Consequently, a contractor that is low-priced provides you with a low-cost approximation for a reason hence their services are lousy. Ask around and know how long the contractor has been working in your area. He’ll have worked in your locality for a very long time in case the painting contractor’s services are great. If you find that a painting contractor moves from place to place, investigate the reasons why. It may be that he provides poor quality services and homeowners do not like his services. Check the kind of contract that the painting contractor has given you to sign. It should lay out nicely the duty of the contractor and what things to expect from his team. Organized contractors will most times stipulate how his workers are likely to behave when working and the duties of his workers.
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Ask if your contractor requires a deposit before they begin the work. The common painting contractor project is not going to be more than $8000 even though the painting job could be quite involving. If the contractor requires a down payment, it might be an indication that he isn’t financially stable. When you have not paid the contractor any money, he will be careful to pay attention to detail and will not do a shoddy job.
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Since the initial day that you just got in touch with the painting contractor, how has he communicated with you? He should answer your queries and issues quickly as this is a sign of good communication. The emphasis that the contractor puts on his communication is another clue to his core value. You’ll need to work with someone who communicates effectively while the contractor undertakes the painting job. Another thing to check on is whether the painting contractor takes worker’s compensation insurance. Be sure to check this as many businesses have some form of liability insurance, but this is not a substitute for worker’s compensation. A liability plan does not cover a worker if they are injured when working in your home. You need to look into how well the contractor covers his painters against any harm while on the job. Many contractors hire labor which is off the books or employ casual laborers who are paid cash such that there is no paper trail. In such situations, there’s no employment history and the insurance company is unable to pay out if an accident happens.